Darin @ Tech


In 2014, I founded the Global Being Group in response to process innovation and policy implementation needs in the Middle-East. Since my return to the States in July '16, I've been helping local business owners ensure compliance and sustainability.


According to Myers-Briggs, I'm an inventor by nature and I'm obsessed with finding proof to support decision-making. I use my industry experience to find prevailing problems and I rely on my academic background to apply proven theories to solve them.


I've taught in varying capacities for more than ten years. Math and sports have always been my bread 'n butter. However, English composition, technical communication, and risk management are now my focus.


As an undergraduate, I left my engineering program due to lack of direction. But, I finally completed a petroleum engineering certificate between rotations on oil rigs.


I started off designing process documentation for engineering firms and eventually began designing web applications that replace forms. Now I'm focused on user-centered design and user experience/interface testing (UX/UI) in collaboration with the usability research lab at Texas Tech.


I was fortunate enough to hop between Africa, Asia, and Europe every year during my seven year stint overseas with sporadic adventures in the US and Caribbean. Adventure travel with a historical twist is my thing.

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